From Our Cows to Your Table

Ron and Evie Locke, are bringing back the milk home delivery service. Our beginnings start with 

Evie’s father, Fred De Boer, who was born in Friesland, Holland. As a child, Fred grew up on a farm and has always had a love for animals. In December of 1956 at age 20, Fred immigrated to the United States. He settled in California where he had family and started working in the dairy industry with the goal of someday owning his own dairy. As he started to pursue his dreams, he met and married his wife Jennie.


Together in 1962, Fred bought Top O' The Morn Farms and was quick to learn about the milk home delivery business. The “cash and carry” lifestyle was a busy one. As time passed, Fred wanted to grow his dairy business. He and his family moved to three different locations, transitioning out of the “cash and carry” business as they focused on the production of milk and Fred’s love for Royal Friesians.


By 1976, they had a thriving dairy located in the Chino Valley that is still operational today. Through the years Fred and Jennie raised 4 children, and are the grandparents to 17 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. They have partnered with each one of their children so they could pass on the family tradition.


In 2000, Evie, their youngest daughter decided she wanted to reestablish the Top O' The Morn Farms name. By 2004, she and her husband, Ron, were in the dairy business in Tulare, CA. With a lot of heart and a tremendous amount of research, Ron pitched the idea of bringing back the “cash and carry” business.


In October 2012, the Locke's completed their bottling barn and began processing and bottling a portion of their dairy's milk into glass (refillable and re-usable) bottles. The first home delivery route was done on October 8, 2012.

Since 2012 the home delivery routes have continued expanding and for an added convenience for their customers, the Locke's opened two separate Dairy Drive Thru locations in Tulare, CA and Visalia, CA. The drive thrus allow customers to just drive up and drive away with all the milk products they might need for the week!


Moving into 2015, Top O' The Morn Farms Inc. is now delivering milk not only to residential doorsteps, but also delivering their farm fresh glass bottled milk to Albertsons Grocery Stores in Bakersfield,  Albertsons Grocery Stores on the Central Coast along with numerous other supermarkets, restaurants and farmers markets.  


Two big highlights for the Top O' The Morn Farms team has been their two big prestigious wins, three years in a row at the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest held in Madison WI. In August of 2013, Top O' The Morn Farms took first place with their 2% Reduced Fat White Milk in the Open Class Pasteurized Milk category and third place in the Low-fat Chocolate Milk category with their 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk. In August of 2014, Top O' The Morn Farms took first place with their Reduced Fat Peanut Butter 'N Chocolate Milk in the Open Class Pasteurized Milk category and second place with their Whole Milk in the Open Pasteurized Milk category.


Top O’ The Morn Farms' milk is of the highest quality and just about the freshest milk you can drink. The entire staff at Top O' The Morn Farms believes that their cows are their partners and their welfare is a top priority! Their pasteurized and homogenized milk is rBST free and antibiotic free (as all milk is). Top O' The Morn Farms understand the importance of knowing where your milk comes from and hopes that you enjoy the taste of milk fresh from their farm to your table.


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