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Q - How does home delivery work?


A - We milk our cows in the afternoon and by early the next morning that milk will be on your doorstep for you to enjoy. All you need to do is place an order with us and put an ice chest by your front door so we can deliver our farm fresh milk and other local products to you. Top O’ The Morn Farm's home delivery service allows you to enjoy local products that tastes great and gives you time to do other things.


Q - Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. You may order as much product as you and your family would like for the week. 

Q - When will you charge my credit card?


A - Your credit card will be charged after your delivery. The total charge will only consist of your order for that week.


Q - How does the bottle deposit work?


A - When you place an order for milk, you will be charged $2.00 per bottle. You receive your bottle deposit back by leaving your empty bottles with your ice chest on your next delivery date for us to pick up. We will credit your account once we receive the bottle. If you keep a bottle, you will be charged the $2.00.


Q - Do you have a delivery fee?


A - Yes, for all our routes the delivery fee is based on the total dollars of product ordered, excluding delivery fees and bottle deposits. The delivery fees are as follows:

  • Product Order Total $0 - $10.00 – Delivery Fee $5.00
  • Product Order Total: $10.01 - $20.00 – Delivery Fee $3.50
  • Product Order Total: $20.01 - $30.00 – Delivery Fee $2.50
  • Product Order Total Above $30.00 – Delivery Fee $1.50


Q - How do the products you deliver stay fresh?


A - You will need to put an ice chest by your front door so that we can put your items in it to keep them fresh. Please make sure your ice chest is in good condition. We will fill the ice chest with your products. Please help keep your products fresh by putting ice, ice packs or frozen water bottles in your ice chest. The valley can get extremely hot and we want your items to remain cold until you are able to bring them inside.


Q - Should I put ice in my ice chest?


A - Yes, please put ice, ice packs or a frozen bottles of water in your ice chest to help keep your products cold.


Q - What happens if I forget to put out my ice chest for my delivery?


A - If you do not leave an ice chest out for the milkman to put your products in, we will leave you an ice bag and charge your account $5.00 for the bag. Ice bags can not be returned.


Q - How can I get updates on your company?


A - Set up an account with us on our website so we can send you updates on our business activities. You can sign up for our VIP text club, by texting MILK to 844-327-6229 for reminders about placing orders, putting your ice chest out, new products and special offers. Also, you can click on the milk truck at the bottom of the page to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


Q. What is your privacy policy?


 A - click on the link below or copy and paste  to your browser.


Q. How do the glass bottles work? What is the bottle deposit and where can I return my empty bottles?


A. All our milk is bottled in glass. Our half gallon, quart and pint sized bottles have a bottle deposit of $2.00 each.  When you return your empty bottle, you will receive your bottle deposit back. You can return your bottles to the store you purchased the milk from. All stores that carry our products will refund you the bottle deposit. For our Albertsons customers, you can return your empty bottles to any Albertsons store that carries our milk! 


Q. Why does our milk taste so fresh? 


A - Our milk is of the highest quality and just about the freshest milk you can drink. What makes us different from the rest, is that we are the only “farmstead” glass bottling operation in California. Such allows us to have control over our products during every step of the process. Our milk is produced by us on our farm, it is bottled by us on our farm and it is delivered by us. Ron and Evie Locke, the owners of Top O’ The Morn Farms, live on the farm and their tremendous amount of involvement has ensured that our products are farm fresh and great tasting. 


Q. Is your milk pasteurized and homogenized?


A - Yes, all our milk products are pasteurized and homogenized. We do not sell raw milk.


Q. Does Top O' The Morn Farms milk contain growth hormone/rbST?


A - No growth hormones are used. Top O' The Morn Farms milk comes from cows NOT treated with rbST or rbGH. 

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated and non-rbST-treated cows. 


Q. Does Top O' The Morn Farms milk contain antibiotics?


A - No, Top O' The Morn Farms, as well as all dairies, are held to strict industry standards. Every load of our milk is tested for antibiotics, as is all milk in the United States. 


Q. Is Top O' The Morn Farms milk raw?


A - No, our milk is pasteurized and homogenized. 


Q. Is Top O' The Morn Farms milk organic?


A - No, our cows are fed the highest quality feeds and cared for in a constantly maintained environment. 


Q. What is your refund policy?


A - If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact our office at 559-688-7515 or via e-mail at  You can receive replacement products or a credit to your account. 


Q. What is your cancellation policy?


A - To cancel your service, please call our office at 559-688-7515 or via e-mail at  

Q. What are your terms and conditions?


A - click on the link below or copy and paste  to your browser.






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