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All you need to do is place an order with us and put an ice chest with ice by your front door so the milkman can deliver local products right to your door. Top O' The Morn Farm's home delivery service allows you to enjoy local products that taste great and gives you more time to do other things.
Yes - The delivery fee is based on the total dollars of product order, excluding bottle deposits and the delivery fee from the total. The delivery fees are as follows:

* Product Order Total $0 - $10.00 – Delivery Fee $7.00
* Product Order Total: $10.01 - $20.00 – Delivery Fee $5.50
* Product Order Total: $20.01 - $30.00 – Delivery Fee $4.50
* Product Order Total Above $30.00 – Delivery Fee $3.50
There is no minimum order. You may order as much product as you and your family would like for the week. 
A credit card is necessary for payment. When you register for home delivery you will be asked to enter in your credit card. Your card will be billed after your delivery and the total charge will only consist of your order for that week.
When you place an order for milk, you will be charged $2.50 per bottle. You can receive your bottle deposit back by leaving your clean, empty bottles with your ice chest on your next delivery date for the milkman to pick up. We will credit your account once we have received the bottles. Should you choose to keep a bottle you will be charged the $2.50.
You will need to put an ice chest with ice by your front door the night before your scheduled delivery for the milkman to place your products in. We strongly reccommend putting ice, ice packs, or frozen water bottles in your ice chest to help keep your products cold. Please make sure your ice chest is in good condition, as you know the valley can get extremely hot and we want your products to stay cold until you are able to bring them inside.
If you do not leave an ice chest out for the milkman to put your products in, we will leave you an ice bag and charge your account $5.00 for the bag. Ice bags can not be returned.
If you are going away or just want to skip a week that is no problem! You can call in to our office and notify us or you can do it yourself through your account. Just login to your account and go to "MY ACCOUNT", then select "Delivery Hold" and enter the dates you do not want to receive an order.
The milkman delivers weekly but your address determines your specific delivery day. The time of your delivery depends on where you are on our set route. Scheduled route times are subject to change as our delivery business grows and your friends and neighbors enjoy our service also!



If you purchase our milk at the drive thrus you will pay a $2.50 bottle deposit. Just bring your clean bottles back where you purchased our milk and they'll refund your deposit. Bottles can also be returned through home delivery.
At Top O' The Morn Farms we hope to satisfy all of our customers. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact our office at 559-688-7515 or email us at CustomerService@FarmFreshMilk.com.
To cancel your service, please call our office at 559-688-7515 or email us at CustomerService@FarmFreshMilk.com 



Jodie W

"Just had a glass of your chocolate milk, I haven't had milk this good since I was a little kid! Best tasting milk ever! Thank you for making such a wonderful product."

Dianne S

"We love your milk and are so delighted to be able to purchase in GLASS again after all these years of having to try and fine paper cartons in order to avoid plastic!"


"My daughter will be 7 in October and hasn't been able to drink milk since she was 2 years old. Every type of milk and brand causes her problems. Until we tried your milk! I'm not sure why but she has zero problems drinking your farm fresh milk! Thank you!"

Heather G

"Jose is certainly a gem in your company. He represents your company well and gives hope back to families looking to turn back the hand of time and enjoy the good and simple in life (milk delivered to your door, a milkman who you could invite in for dinner). Thank you for not only giving us great milk but great service as well!"

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